The Cake & Cookie Cupboard

Tools and supplies for all your decorating needs!


We offer a variety of classes for beginners to advanced students, covering a multitude of different
s from cakes, icings, cookies and more! With over 19 years of cake decorating
 experience and instructi
on, we love sharing our passion for the sugar arts!  
As an in
structor, I find it is beneficial to me and to my students to ever expand my own experience
 and education i
n order to share that knowledge with you. I'm constantly taking
classes, watching tutorials, and sometimes just good ol' "trial and error" learning! 

In addition to classes, we also will begin scheduling birthday parties!  Message me for more information. 

Check the Calendar to see what's currently on the schedule!!


Buttercream Basics and Beyond

 6-week Class for Beginners 

This 6-week class (1 2-hour session for 6 weeks) will focus entirely on buttercream techniques. You'll learn how to prepare your cake to be the palette for your buttercream artwork! We'll do roses, drop flowers, hydrangeas, sunflowers and more; You'll learn how to do basic to more advanced borders and side designs; in addition, we'll do some lace techniques and end the course with learning brushed embroidery. This class is offered every 6-8 weeks. In addition, if you can get at least 3 other people, I can schedule a class around your schedule preferences.  

Royal Icing Fit For Royalty

6-Week Class for Intermediate Students

This 6-week class (1 2-hour session for 6 weeks) will focus entirely on royal icing and different royal icing techniques. There will be 4 weeks where we'll make a variety of piped flowers such as daffodils, daisies, primroses, petunias, lilies, mums, poinsettias and more! In addition, we'll make a royal icing 3D Tiara/Crown and royal icing filigree. The class will culminate in the final week where we'll decorate a cake using the flowers and tiara made in class.  This class is offered every few months, as needed. In addition, if you can get at least 3 other people, I can schedule a class around your schedule preferences. 

Fantastic Fondant

6-Week Class for Experienced Students

This 6-week class deals with everything from the basics of fondant: working with it, rolling it out, covering boards and cakes with it; on up to more advanced techniques like figure modeling, bows, drapes, painting and more! This class is scheduled every few months as needed.  

Gorgeous Gumpaste

6-Week Class for Experienced Students 

In this class you'll learn how to make a variety of gumpaste flowers and blossoms, including, but not limited to: Day Lilies (Tiger Lilies, Easter Lilies), Calla Lilies, Sweet Peas, Briar Roses, Orchids, Chrysanthemums, Stephanotis, Daisies - both standard and Gerbera, as well as a variety of greenery. We'll cover techniques for dusting and coloring your flowers, as well as methods of preserving them. Classes scheduled as needed. 

Cookie Classes & Workshops

1 Session 3.5 to 8 hour Classes for beginner to intermediate students

These classes are from 4-8 hours, depending on whether it's a workshop or a techniques class and all of the supplies are provided except something to take your finished cookies home in/on. Classes will include discussion and demonstration of how to roll and bake the dough, as well as discussing the making and preparation of the royal icing used for the classes. Students will be taught multiple royal icing techniques and/or rolled fondant techniques. These classes are scheduled seasonally, and as requested. If you have 3 or more friends who would like to take a cookie class, we can schedule a class just for you! 

Project Classes

One-Session Classes for a variety of skill levels

Project classes are generally 1-session classes that are offered seasonally, or as time permits. We do 3D Roasted Turkey cakes in the fall, as well as the 3D Pumpkin cakes;  These classes are scheduled as time permits and as requested. 

Kid's Classes and Parties

One-session classes where kids leave with a finished product

Kid's classes are generally 1-session classes where they leave with a finished product. They can be mini cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or even Rice Cereal Treats. Depending on the class, most - if not all - of the supplies are provided. These classes are scheduled periodically as time permits. If you have 4 or more students who would like to take a class, I can schedule a time specifically for your group. This is great for birthday parties!! 

Sculpted Cake Classes

1 or 2-Session Classes for Intermediate to Advanced Students

Similar to the Project Classes, the sculpting classes are focused on conceptualizing and creating a carved or sculpted piece made out of primarily cake and icing. These classes are scheduled as time permits. 

Cake Construction - Tiering without Tears

1-Session, 4 hour class for intermediate to advanced students

This will be a 4-hour class where you’ll learn different methods for stacking AND separating traditional tiered cakes. You’ll ice and assemble your own cakes in this informative and fun class. I’ll also include a few of my favorite decorating techniques, including quilting, scrollwork, and some more traditional techniques.

I've been creating and delivering tiered cakes for almost 20 years. I have never had a cake fall, lean, tip or self-destruct. We deliver our stacked cakes completely assembled up to 6 tiers. My method for stacking is tried and true and I want to help you have confidence in your tiered cake construction!  These classes are scheduled periodically, or as requested. 

Cupcake Classes

1 2-Hour Session for Beginner Students

This is a fun beginner's class where students leave with professional looking cupcakes that everyone is sure to be impressed with! These classes are scheduled periodically, but can also be scheduled if you have 3 or more people who want to take the class. Great for a Mom's Night Out or even a teen's birthday party! 

Sugar Labs

2-hour Open House Events

COMING SOON!!  Sugar Labs will be 2-hour open house events where we'll be demonstrating a technique or project and students can come to view or participate. These events will be $5 events with drop-ins welcome. No pre-registration required. Check the calendar for scheduled events!

The Cake and Cookie Cupboard - Member's Shelf

Coming in 2017 ... 

I know many cake decorators who have so many cake supplies, they've run out of place to store them; or, they need more supplies, but can't afford them! Well, soon, for a yearly membership fee, you will have access to my very significant collection of cake decorating tools, supplies, pans and stands. That's right, it will be like a lending library of cake decorating supplies. You can reserve stands and supplies; check them out for a limited time; and then return them when you're through!  No per-item fee... just a yearly membership and you have access to everything in my personal Supplies! (Consumables and items in the store are not included; There will be some restrictions and levels of membership.)